viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

[Video][Letra] Vanessa Hudgens - Sneakernight

Vanessa Hudgens acaba de lanzar esta tarde en Radio Disney su nuevo single titulado "Sneakernight", tema que formará parte de su segundo álbum titulado "Identified".

La estrella de 19 años de High School Musical estará también hoy viernes 11 de abril @ 6 p.m. ET/3PM PT en radio "Planeta Premiere" promocionando "Sneakernight".

Actualizado (13 de junio 2008): Video Oficial de "Sneakernight"

Video con imágenes de "Sneakernight" de Vanessa Hudgens

[Letra] Vanessa Hudgens - Sneakernight
Put your sneakers on, Put your sneakers on
We’re goin’ dancin’ all night long

I got somewhere to be, I want you to come with me
I put my sneakers on, Cause I’m gonna keep dancin’
After they all go home

So are you ready? Did you eat, did you have the energy?

Are you reloaded? Are you able to stay on your feet?
Don’t want you passing out after a couple of hours of beats…
We’re keep going, going, going, go and dance

Basically what we’re gonna do is dance (3x)
It will come easily when you hear the beat
Basically what we’re gonna do is dance (2x)

All you gotta do is make a chance
Yeah that’s right, it’s sneaker night

So now they’re closing, Closing up shop down, go home now
This by from the end, Second round is about to begin
Cause I got comfortable
when the weather is nice
So let’s take it outside
This means I’m hangin’
And the beatbox, and it’s all right


Don’t you even worry about other plans
Yeah, that’s right it’s sneaker night!

When the sun goes down, We wake up
Up the night with you? No need
No problem staying away
When the beat is like an earthquake

We’re unstoppable, we’re uncontrollable
Just admit it, You can’t stop it, It’s addictive


Put your sneakers on…Let’s go all night long...

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    1. Juan david6/23/2008

      pues esa cancion es buena y por eso vale la pena comprar el cd espero que no nos decepcionemos mas adelante sigue asi Vanessa

    2. Anónimo7/19/2008

      que la joda sus zapatos que brillen en la noche porlomenos un video que me gusto de vanessa hudgens

    3. Anónimo8/26/2008

      taa guenoo

    4. Anónimo10/11/2008

      me encanta esta padrisimo ...........

    5. Anónimo11/30/2008

      kiero esas zapatillas

    6. Anónimo3/06/2010

      esta copado

    7. Anónimo4/11/2010

      me encanta la eh escuchado miles de veces