lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2008

[Video][Letra] Jonas Brothers - Video Girl

"Video Girl" es el octavo tema del disco de "A Little Bit Longer", tercer álbum de estudio de los Jonas Brothers, y su segundo álbum publicado bajo Hollywood Records / gestionados en Sony / ATV Music Publishing. Fue puesto en libertad el 12 de agosto de 2008.

[Letra] Jonas Brothers - Video Girl
Girl: Oh em gee, did you hear I'm dating a Jonas Brother? It's so hot!

You met at work, shoulda known better
It's gonna suck when the camera stops rolling
And you find out soon that the treatment wasn't worth it
They're all the same
They all want the money
They're all insane
They live for fame, honey
They laugh at you when you're not even being funny

Well I've been here before
And I've seen first hand and front row seat
This little thing they call a video girl

Video girl rocked my world
For a whole two seconds
And now I know
I'm not about to be another victim
Of video girl syndrome
Get out of my face
Get out of my space
Get some class and kiss the past (?)
'Cause I'm not about to be another victim
Of video girl syndrome

You know it's bad when your mama doesn't like her
All your friends are saying she's a liar
Never ending phone calls aren't enough
(It's not enough, it's never enough)
Move to L.A., got no talent
Not even like you won a Miss Teen Pageant
Daddy pays your bills but you still whine

Well I've been here before
And I've seen first hand and front row seat
What happens to a man when he gets in the hands of a...


You are never gonna see me miss her
Video girl syndrome
I'm not gonna be another victim
Of video girl syndrome


I won't be a victim of video girl syndrome.

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3 comentarios:

  1. Anónimo11/25/2008

    en serio ke pagina
    tan chimba lo mejor de lo mejor
    aki si estan las letras como son
    la verdad felicitaciones
    aaa y kisiera saber si los jonas brothers
    van a hacer la gira por colombia
    please averiguen y me dicen
    ps solo dejan un comen... aki
    y listo

    oki chikos bye kiss

    ke pagina tan genial insisto jijiji chao

    ke viva colombia hp...

    posdata: amo a los jonas brothers, rbd aunke esten separados los amo, kudai y muchos mas pero lo ke si odio es el Reggaetón es un asko y sin ofender a los ke le gusta ps son gustos y como dice el dicho " ENTRE GUSTOS NO HAY DISGUSTOS" pienselo...


  2. Anónimo10/31/2009

    holaa!! quisiera saber cuando vuelven a venir los jonas a venezuela!! por favor respondan si saben!!
    I <3 JB

  3. Anónimo11/14/2009

    hello soy brenda y queria decir que los amo a los jonas brothers son lo mas y aguante joe jonas