lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

Nina Sky Ft. Pitbull, Rick & Ross Maino - Curtain Call

"Curtain Call" es lo nuevo de Nina Sky junto a Pitbull, Rick & Ross Maino. Escúchalo desde aquí:

[Letra] Nina Sky Ft. Pitbull - "Curtain Call"
Nina Sky: I want a man who can take the job, (It`s an S.O.S. in progress)
Feeling like I need to be involved, (with an all night problem solver)
Layin` here when you cross my mind, Remember how you made me cry
Since I ain`t shy `bout what I want, I need a repeat boy let`s get it

Yeh, yeh, yeh, satisfy, satisfy, `til you sweat out my hair
Yeh, yeh, yeh, that`s what I want (2X)
I want it; don`t be so shook (so shy), I`ll leave the lights on, door unlocked
Friday rendezvous at my spot, that`s what I want (2X)
It`s about that time, middle of the night
Get it right when I give you the curtain call
Probably out with your friends, Actin` like a pimp in your Benz
Boy you see me calling you,
Shut it down it`s time to roll (curtain call)
You remember last time come on (curtain call),
Let`s shoot a brand new episode (curtain call)
Are you ready for your curtain call?

Light the candles and close the door, (set the mood all the tension`s stopping)
And you don`t need no alcohol, (I`ll be the lick that`ll lean you proper)
Lying back looking at the stars, I`ll be the Venus to your Mars
I`m just glad to be where you are right now, baby, don`t stop, keep me rocking


Let`s start the show, the slow jam`s on, my lovin` is warm, the lights are down low
It`s time to see me baby, Put it on me (2X) feels so good
The farther we go, You got me like wow, you put your game down, I can`t let go
`Cause you relieved me baby (Rick Ross: Ricky Ross, keeping it wrapped, baby)
Of all my troubles (Rick Ross: Nina Sky, New York City)
The tempo`s slow, but with the whipped cream (MIA, yo, London, yeh, a pound)
It`s all for show, so come when I call (Yeh)

Rick Ross:
Ride with an underground king
Bun B bumpin` in that 600, clean
Girl, money ain`t a thing, she can tell by the bling
She in a good mood, but that chick lookin` mean
We can do it all, baby girl my dog
I sign the autographs, but to me she`s the star
I`m here to get it all, turn around and give it back
Makin` love to her, I pause, now look at dat
6 inch heels, with Gucci and new wheels
Put a smile on her face, she ain`t even seen in years
Baby I`m a boss, and boss don`t play
At any given time, a ½ a million in your face
If you look up in the sky, then I`m sure you see the sun
In the world of so many, baby, I am the one
You`re what I want to do, not tryin` to be rude
I had to keep it real, you da baddest in da room, holla

Rick Ross: uh, yeh, show it to me baby, you know what I`m saying, no love, no love, yeh.

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  1. x_Saaft2/15/2009

    weno el tema loco me gusta la parte de rick ross iwal too el tema terrible relajaoo ia me voii xaoo ElSaaftdeCorazon